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PFAS Assessment of Water and Resident Exposure

A Study on Exposure and Health Effects from Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Colorado Water

Water Contamination in El Paso County, Colorado

In 2013-2016, PFAS concentrations above the EPA health advisory level were detected in public water systems in Fountain, Security and Widefield (FSW), in El Paso County, Colorado. The three water systems combined serve approximately 80,000 people and their water sources were likely contaminated prior to 2013 and likely for much longer. At time of study, very little was known about the health effects of human exposure to PFASs in areas with drinking water contamination such as FSW. 

Study Objectives 

The purpose of the study was two-fold:

  • To understand the relationship between exposure to PFAS in drinking water and how quickly the body accumulates and/or eliminates various PFAS compounds.

  • To evaluate how exposure to PFAS affects health. We focused on markers of health related to liver function, cholesterol and immune response.

Results Communication 

Links to previous public meeting and results communication letters can be found below:
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